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Subject: BOYLOVER'S TALES - INCEST- Loving Dad Part 1BOYLOVER'S TALES - INCEST - Loving Dad - PART 1
By Czykguy. 2003 This story is completely fictional!He was falling. The color climax lolita videos room spun round and round and round and
went on for ever as he fell past a never ending spiral of
poster covered walls. As he reached out his flailing arms
felt a protruding object and grimly he scrabbled and got a
purchase on a coat hook - then as he continued to spin round
and around, the desperately held hook began to vibrate and
loosen and he was again falling. As his fall began again he
screamed soundlessly and he could see the silent sounds
bouncing off the walls and surrounding him as his endless
fall continued. He fell silently, screaming sounds following
him down and down and round and around.
Virginia startled as the screaming began and jumped up from
the spread of papers on lolita fashion non nude
the dining room table.
Simultaneously Jeff leapt from his seat in front of the
computer and they found themselves at the door to the hall
`It's my turn love' said Jeff, turning the handle angel lola luv bio
`You had
the bad night last night and I've been here all day today,
trying to finish of this presentation. I'll go' he added the
last remark at the concerned look that crossed her face `I'm
least tired of the pair of us'.
She followed him to the bottom of the stairs. `I'm here if
you need me' she said watching him as he raced up the
stairs, where the screaming continued on and on as a
monotonous wailing tone.
`It'll be alright' he gasped back climbing the stairs two,
three steps at a time. Both minds were thinking the same
thing - how much longer would this go on?Jeff bbs dark loli vombat burst into David's room as silently as he could. The
boy was twisting and turning and was tightly caught up in
his duvet. There was a horrible expression etched on his
young chubby model loli pics contorted face that tore at Jeff's heart, just as much
as the incessant screaming did. Quickly Jeff picked him up,
holding him close and murmuring words of love and silly
phrases that stemmed from David's childhood. lolitas y o 10
instantly the screaming subsided, becoming a murmuring
chatter as David continued to twist and turn albeit less
violently. As Jeff cradled David in his arms he thought back
over the last month when it had all began.It was to be the last day out before school began; they had
had their proper family holiday but because of work
schedules, they had grabbed the odd day to take David out
before he lolita teens sexy pics
went to the `big' school. He would not be a junior
anymore and as it was lolita sexy baby photo
a life changing change they wanted to
make things special for him. Not that he was already special
enough to them already. Virginia had had a very difficult
pregnancy towards the end of her term and it had been a long
hard labour, which had threatened David's actual birth.
Finally he had been sexy loli angel girl born but then complications for Virginia
had set in and the upshot was she could never have another
child. That summer day the day `it' had begun, they had set
off for the beach and had started to enjoy a glorious family
day out. The sun shone, the sea was warm and after a family
splash around and swim, they had basked in the sun by the
seashore watching David bobbing around in and out of the
water. Afterwards they could not remember who had decided on
the ice cream, all they did remember was that as Jeff had
sauntered back to their spot licking at the melting ices,
David's terror had begun.
Virginia raised the alarm first as lolitas 100 top sites Jeff had begun non nude lolita bbs the ice
licking last stretch of beach. Raising her hands to her eyes
she had began scanning the sea edge sun bbs lolita html for David. As Jeff
joined her she alerted him with the `I can't see David'.
Jeff had joined in with the scanning and as the search drew
no sign of the boy and the anxiety began; the ices were left
to melt down into the sand.
Jeff had suddenly raced to the sea edge. There was a spot, a
deepish spot that David loved. He had been practising his
underwater breaths and the new depth proof watch with the
luminous face and the timer had been considered `brilliant'.
Chasing through the sea Jeff had leaped into a dive and
fought tiny russian lolita porn
his way lolita top bikini 100 to where the deepening began. Down and down
he went searching blindly till he finally had touched
something, something soft and limp that floated with the ebb
of the sea. Grasping David's limp body he tugged him away
from the submerged rock that appeared to have trapped his
foot in some way and struck out for the surface.
Back on the beach he had quickly began giving pre teen girl lolita
David the
`kiss of life' thanking God over and over again for the
first aid training he had undertaken. Virginia had run to
the pair of them, babbling that an ambulance was on its way
and repeating her own mantra of `pleasegodlethimbeallright'
over and over again. The ambulance men had arrived and had
taken over naked teen lolita art and the two of them had clutched at each free pics lolikon child other as
the experts carried on as Jeff had. At first it seemed
hopeless but time can telescope in such situations and then
at last, breathtakingly, heart wrenchingly David had
suddenly spluttered, coughed, spat out some water and had
began to breathe heavily and more lolita nude beach pics
importantly on his own.
The ambulance man had said `Should be all right now, but
that ankle needs to be attended to'.
Virginia had gone in the ambulance with him whilst Jeff had
grabbed their belongings and followed in the car. He found
David in Casualty strapped up and wired up to a monitor with
a more relaxed Virginia sitting beside him. In response to
his questioning look Virginia had said 'It looks like
everything will model photo moi lolita
be all right, but he'll need to stay in
overnight just to be sure. It's a good hospital; we can even
stay with him.' After an uneventful kiddy porn 8yo lolita
night David had been
discharged the next day and they had returned home. It was
that night that the nightmares had begun.
Their doctor had been as helpful as possible. `It will pass'
he said `It will just take time. He's been through a very
stressful experience plus the worry about changing schools.
It will pass' he hottest lolita nude preteen had repeated `You'll just have to be
patient. Give him all the love and care you usually give him
and it will pass. Get him to talk about it' and so they had.
Gradually they had talked him through his fears and worries
and the nightmares had receded, until he had started at his
new school. They had coped with the disturbed nights once
again reassuring him and the nightly sessions were once
again beginning to slow and shorten as he settled in at the
new school.Carefully Jeff laid David down on the bed, first checking
that the sheet was not wet. Accidents had been known to
happen. He slowly began to unwind the duvet; again checking
it was not damp. Satisfied all was well he now covered David
with the duvet. The dampness of his pyjamas he put down to
the tensions of the dream. As he gently stroked David's hair
he noticed his eyelids were trembling and then David opened
his eyes, blinking into Jeff's concerned face.
`Dad?' he questioned.
`It's all right son. I'm here. Bad dream again. Was it the
same one?'
David nodded `Yes and then sighed `my head hurts'
`OK. I'll get your tablets' said Jeff quickly and left to
get the soluble mild painkillers the doctor had prescribed
for David. David sat up to drink them down and Jeff sat
beside nice russian lolitta photo
him on the bed.
`Better?' he said.
`Yes' David whispered and Jeff turned out the bedside light.
They lay there and then David eased himself up so that he
was sat in Jeff's lap, something he had not done for ages.
`OK. OK.' Jeff said `lets get more comfortable'
Carefully he rearranged himself, supporting his back against
the bedroom wall and sat very young lolitas movies
David back on his lap. In the dim
light coming from the part opened door he gentled David
against his chest. They lay in the semi-dark, David's head
now on Jeff's shoulder and Jeff's left hand supporting
David's shoulder and stroking his chest and Jeff's right
hand stroking David's leg. Jeff sure that the `terror' had
passed allowed himself to relax and the dark ls issue lolita magazine
light and the
quiet had its effect on his senses and he was reminded of a
time when he had been laid like David in someone preteen lolitas of russia else's
arms.Jeff looked up at Rupert and then down to where Rupert's
hand was stroking his, Jeff's penis. They were both dressed
in their pyjamas lying on a pile of coats in the dormitory
box room. Rupert began to increase the pace of his hand and
soon Jeff was breathing hard as his orgasm approached. Soon
he was spurting his spunk into the air until it dropped back
to cover Rupert's hand. Rupert continued to stroke him until
he told him to stop. `All done?' asked Rupert. Jeff nodded
`Good' whispered Rupert `My turn now'. Quickly and silently
they changed places and soon Rupert was sat in Jeff's lap,
his throbbing cock poking up from his pyjama flies. `Here
let me get more comfortable' said Rupert. He undid his
pyjama cord and lolikon top list toons said `When I raise myself up pull preteens lolita tgp free my pyjama
bottoms down'. Jeff did so and Rupert eased them off.
`That's better' he said pre lolita model portal
`now I can stretch my legs and let
the air get to my balls'. They both giggled at this and not
for the first time Jeff enviously studied Rupert's bigger
cock, as it gently pulsated in the air. Jeff now gently
squeezed Rupert's downy covered balls.
He then licked his hand to lubricate it like Rupert had
showed him and began to stroke Rupert's cock. `Good boy'
growled Rupert and leaned forward to kiss him. This was a
new thing of Rupert's and Jeff was just beginning to like
it. He now began to stroke Rupert as he had been taught and
soon Rupert was writhing and twitching and moaning as his
orgasm approached. `I'm coming. I'm coming' writhed Rupert
and Jeff as usual again watched enviously as Rupert's spunk
shot high in the air before covering Jeff's hand with a
thick glistening liquid...`Thank you Dada' as David spoke Jeff woke from his reverie.
He looked down to see best lolita model sites
his glistening semen-coated hand
curled around David's glistening semen coated still
pulsating cock. Horrified he looked David in the face. David
gave him a big smile and cuddled into Jeff's chest. `Thank
you Dada' he whispered again. Jeff sat frozen. David hadn't
used that phrase since.He banished the memory from his
brain. David nuzzled sleepily against Jeff murmuring gently.
Anxious not to disturb him Jeff again lay quiet his thoughts
in a turmoil- `remember' his brain told him, instructed him
and mentally panicking he thought back in time.Once again he recalled vividly the last time David had rape lolita bear hug said
that phrase to him.David had been seven at the time. He was a high spirited boy
and loved nothing better than sitting very young thai lolitas on Jeff's lap
demanding to be tickled. This had been the case for a long
time and somewhere along the way David had discovered that
he liked being tickled between lolita top shy bbs
his legs, especially his
little penis. Jeff had thought nothing of this and was happy
to gently rub it until it was stiff, loving the delighted
sounds that David made. He never did it for more than a
minute and sometimes it was the only thing he could do to
get young pussy preteen lolita David off to sleep at night. Jeff was conscious that he
never did it in front of Virginia and he was sure that David
never asked Virginia to do the same.
That particular night David had been particularly hyped up.
Virginia was away on one of her first business
presentations, having only recently started up her europ lol tas models
business and David must ukrainian lolita free bbs have been aware shy lola lolita preteens of the excitement
and tension in the house. That night he had been difficult
to put down and in the end Jeff had given up and the pair of
them had ended up free lolita chat rooms in the lounge watching a film. David as
usual was sat on Jeff's lap and Jeff lost count of the
number of times that David returned his hand little black russian lolita
to his young
cock whilst Jeff got engrossed in the film. It was only when
David began to tremble and shudder that Jeff realised he had
brought him, his son, his boy, to a `dry orgasm'. `Thank teen model lolitas top
Dada', David had grinned at him and began to drift off to
sleep in Jeff's arms. Horrified at what had happened Jeff
had stopped all such physical sexual contact with David.
David had been tetchy at first and had tried to rub his
erect penis against Jeff a number of times but Jeff diverted
him with other interests and soon the nightly story took
over from the nightly child modeling loly model `tickle'. Jeff had managed to banish
the matter from his mind just the same way dark loli free fotos he had banished
the things that he and Rupert had done.With David now sleeping peacefully Jeff eased his sticky
hand away from David's now soft cock and covered them both
with the duvet. Jeff now began forbidden little girl lolitas
to recall his special friend
Rupert and what they had got up to in detail.Jeff had been ten when his father had been promoted to a job
in America. It was an accompanied position so his mother was
required to go with him. Jeff had been parcelled off to
boarding school and his younger brother and sister had been
dumped on their maternal grandmother who had welcomed them
with open hands and heart and had managed to visit him in
the school as much as possible. His parents had written to
him often so he had not felt abandoned.
Jeff had managed to settle into boarding school life quite
well and had been eleven when Rupert had joined the school.
Both boys had hit it off straight away and were soon
inseparable with a strong bond developing beyond friendship.
They were rarely seen apart and were to be found in the
thick of anything that happened at school, especially any
jokes or high jinks. Rupert was some four months older than
Jeff was and more physically developed. It was after a short
holiday at a family farm that Rupert returned with some
special games that he was soon to share with Jeff. At the
farm he had had to share a bed with an older cousin who
taught him the benefits of masturbation, especially of
others. Rupert had took to 3d lolita cartoon sex this new game like a duck to
water and had pleasured half of the male part of the family
to whom this was an accepted practise and by the time the
holiday was over, Jeff was an accomplished masturbator. Back
at school and promising Jeff `something special' he had
taken him out to a quiet part of the school grounds and had
slowly undressed him and stroked his cock for the first
time. Jeff had thoroughly enjoyed this new game and the
sensations it produced and was more than willing to
reciprocate. Both boys were unable to produce spunk at this
stage but continued to enjoy their dry orgasms. Rupert was
anxious to show Jeff what spunk actually looked like and
after catching the school's gardener's boy playing with
himself sweet lolitas 7y o in the bushes one afternoon, he had blackmailed the
boy into letting him `help him out'. As a result lola privat porn video of his
`criminal activity' he very soon convinced the fourteen-year-
old youth of his prowess with his hands. The result of his
manual dexterity meant that he had got him to let Jeff watch
as he masturbated him. Jeff was amazed, as the thick white
liquid shot from the boy's cock and the boy was quite happy
to let joung nude teen lolitas
them both practise on him whenever the opportunity
arose. On more than one occasion after lights out, Sam as
the Gardener's 100 top preteen lolitas boy was named would bring his brother and
some friends over and Rupert and Jeff would manually satisfy
them. At this stage they had not got beyond anything more
that using only their hands.
The two now shared a bed at night and whilst this was
frowned upon, because of their age and friendship nothing
more was thought young teen lolitas softcore
about it because it was considered they
were too young to be sexually aware or knowledgeable. They
also gradually included certain of their friends in their
new games and if any school team member scored a goal or
batted well etc then Rupert was only too willing to sexually
thank him on behalf of the school. The schools goal scoring
and goal saving rate rose noticeably during this time.
Then their `game' took a new turn; they were sitting
together at the back of the classroom during their last term
before going off to public school when Rupert decided that
the lesson was too boring. He got Jeff to toss him off under
the table whilst the master lectured on and lolita underage 12 yololita nymphets nude art on. The one
thing they did not know was that Rupert's balls had dropped
and he produced his first spunk towards the end of the
lesson. When Rupert shot lolita bbs erotic stories off, almost without warning, his
spunk hit the lolitas pre teen angels bottom lolita s sites cp of the desk sweet young lolita titties and started to drip
downwards, Luckily the master was not aware and after the
initial shock both boys were delighted and in preteen topless lolita models a hurry to do
it again...David murmured against Jeff's chest and once again this
brought him back to reality. To his horror and dismay he
found he once again lolita girls xxxx model had his hand clutched around David's
warmly insistingly pulsating cock. Quickly he let David's
cock go. David moaned quietly and opened his eyes. `Please
Dada, please' he implored and then took Jeff's hand and put
it back on his throbbing little girls pussy lolitas
cock. Jeff tried to pull away but
David just grabbed his hand back and held it on his cock.
The smell of sex and semen and boyhood memories was
confusing him, the need to care for his son, to salve the
boys stresses complicated his thought processes. Unable to
help himself and unwilling to upset David anymore than was
necessary Jeff reluctantly let his hand be placed on his
son's tempting cock and again he began to stroke him. As his
hand instinctively started to move faster and faster, the
duvet fell away and Jeff found himself studying his son's
glistening cock. David was wide awake now and watching him
intently with a gaze of extraordinary almost fathomless
depth. In response to this undsaid and unspoken emotionally
conveyed request Jeff removed his hand and stilling David's
whispered protests began to remove David's pyjamas. Once he
was nude he gently caressed and stroked David all over,
squeezing the soft balls which young doll lolita model
had very few hairs on them
and then concentrated on the throbbing cock that was oozing
pre cum. lolitas cute nude 9years
He began to finger the top, exposing the pink
stickily glistening glans and was delighted to see the cock
grow in size. David began to arch his back in pleasure. `Go
on Dada go on pleeease' he whispered throatily.
Grinning at his son's pleasure Jeff began the climb to the
top, watching intently as David began to breathe harder and
harder and twitch and turn. David was now thrusting lolita the little girl himself
into Jeff's hand, it was clear he would not be long in
ejaculating. `Hold on' said Jeff `I want to see you come',
he turned to the bedside lamp and switched it on; gently
kissing David on the lips he increased the speed of his hand
till at last David cried out gently and his young twelve
year old cock erupted its jism over his father's hand and
onto his stomach. Jeff held him close as his spasms began to
ease and lying him back on the bed he leaned over and licked
up the few drops of sweet spunk from David's belly. Down
further he went, till he lovingly licked the last few
dribbles of semen from the tip of David's cock. `Thank you
Dada' smiled David once again, and as Jeff licked the last
throbs from his cock he fell asleep. Jeff gazed at his
sleeping relaxed form and quietly and carefully put his
son's pyjamas back on.Downstairs Virginia looked up from her papers. `You were a
long time' she said `is everything OK?'
Jeff answered very quietly `I don't think we will have any
more trouble from David tonight'. Later in bed together, as
they made love at Jeff's instigation, it was dark side loli dorki
not her face he
saw as he thrust hard and long, it was David's face he saw
time and time again as he thrust in and out of her
welcoming, shuddering body. When he finally came, it was
David's cock he could see spitting forth its juvenile load,
and as he kissed her goodnight it was David's spunk he could
taste not her lips. Strangely enough neither he nor David
had a disturbed night.The next morning Jeff woke early, just before real lolita s pic the alarm
clock rang, once dressed he looked in on David who was
sleeping soundly and peacefully. As he watched him, in his
minds eye he could only see him naked, his back arching as
he ejaculated. Then Jeff was gone, his mind now focused on
his job.
Throughout the day, as he continued to oversee his project,
he did think of the time, checked his watch and wondered
what David was doing and how he was feeling. Finally he
picked up his papers and discs and set of for home, giving
his staff last minute bbc lolita preteen model
instructions. He would be working from
home for the next week, finalising the end product, whilst
Virginia was away on one of young non nue lolita
her own presentations. After
checking that all the arrangements were lolitas 10 years models in place for his
daily contact german nude lolita pic with the office, Jeff left for home, wishing
everyone a peaceful small lolitas 15 yo few days.
Once home everything appeared to be normal. Virginia was sat
in the lounge, surrounded by her paraphernalia and www lolitas fuck com
only an error away. The dining room was set for the evening
meal, the incredible Mrs Hawes lolita ls models tgp had done her usual impossible
and the aroma from the kitchen was up to her usual promise.
It had become a family tradition that the last night before
one of her trips, they all sat down to pre teen12yo loli bbs a meal and since Mrs
Hawes had been employed, the meals had become even more
`Are you all ready?' asked Mrs Hawes. `Dinner is ready and
if possible I'd like to get on my way.' Mrs Hawes usually
finished her duties around mid-day, but had agreed to work
later on these special days. It was considered disrespectful
by both Jeff and Virginia not to be ready on time and let
Mrs H get on her way. They called David to the table and
thanked Mrs H for her help and as she was leaving they were
all sitting down to underground lolitas y o eat.
Jeff could not help watching David as he tucked in to the
meal. He did not look any different to any other day and he
did not give Jeff any indication that he was unhappy preteen bbs loli dorki over
what had happened.
The lolitas in school uniform
meal over they washed up together and sat in under aged lolita photos
the lounge
watching television for a half-hour until it was time for
David to go to bed. Jeff was conscious that David sat close
to him and he was sure that there was a larger than usual
swelling free naked lolita pics
between David's legs. He was unsure of his
feelings, part of him was excited and part of him was deeply
concerned over what had transpired. It did not help that he
kept having memory flashes of things he had top sites lolitas nymphets done with
Rupert, young lolitas nude preteen only in some cases it was David's face he now saw,
not Rupert's.
As it was one of Virginia's last nights there was no problem
with David going to bed. Once told he happily went upstairs
with Virginia and they giggled their way through his bath
and bedtime routine. Jeff relaxing in front of the
television could clearly hear the laughter above the
programme he was watching and was glad that David was
apparently not affected by recent events. Virginia finally
came downstairs.
`Boy am I tired' she sighed `He wore me out this time. I
think I'm going to regard this week away as a rest, rather
than work.' She sat down beside him on the sofa and drank
the coffee he had left her. `Mmn' she smiled `that was nice.
Oh well back to the packing, only the paperwork to parcel up
now.' She kissed him on the forehead as russian lolita photo forums
she got up and
headed for the pile of papers on the sideboard. `Oh by the
way' she added, `I said you'd pop up and turn of free hentai loli galleries the light
and settle him down for the night'.
`Oh' said image board pedo lolita Jeff, warning bells going off in his head. There
was a noise from upstairs and he could clearly hear David
call `Dad. I'm ready' Worried Jeff went up the stairs.
David was sitting up in bed, his book open on his lap. `Come
on Dad' he german model top loli
said as Jeff entered the room, and then patted
the bed beside him.
`Now David' Jeff tried to sound severe `no nonsense now. You
should be asleep by now. Your mother has a busy day and you
have school tomorrow'. He crossed the room intending to give
David a gentle kiss goodnight as he turned out the light. As
he approached the bed however David pulled back the duvet to
show his erect cock, wetly glistening at the lolita oral bear hug
exposed head.
There was no sign of David's pyjama bottoms. `Oh David' said
Jeff exasperated. David looked at him with wide, innocent
eyes `Dad' he said `Please Dad, I want you to tickle me. It
keeps the bad dreams away.' As he spoke he grasped Jeff's
hand and placed it on his gently pulsating cock. lolita naked too young Jeff tried
to pull away but David held tightly to his hand. `Please
Dad' he said `I don't want any more bad dreams and Mum won't
be here for at least a week. Please Dad, Pleeeassse'. Jeff
reluctantly gave in and began to manipulate David's cock,
using all his skills that he had learnt with Rupert to bring
David to a quick orgasm. David was soon beginning to pant
with excitement and Jeff was again caught up in the heat of
the moment. Once again he watched fascinated as David began
to ejaculate, his thick young spunk creaming over Jeff's
hand. As his spurts slowed David said `kiss it Dad, like
last night. I liked that'. Unable to help himself in the
overwhelming urge, to taste David's spunk again Jeff almost
obediently leant over to lick the tip of David's sperm
oozing cock and sucked the last dregs of semen out of his
son's deflating cock.
David slumped back lolita pussy pic gallery on his pillows sated and satisfied.
Sleepily he smiled `Thanks Dada, see you in the morning.'
Jeff gently kissed his son on the lips and gathered the
duvet around him. `Night son' he said lolitas holiday magic ls `pleasant dreams' he
added as he left the room.
`How is he?' asked Virginia, as she rummaged through her
`Er fine' stuttered Jeff, slightly taken aback `I don't
think he will be problem tonight, either,' he added unable
to clear the vision of David's ejaculating cock from his
sight. `Er no I am sure he will sleep well ranchi preteen lolitas video
Again they made love that night, at least Virginia did. Jeff
however, was having sex with his son. As he once again
thrust in and out, with a passion that Virginia remarked
upon afterwards, as they lay sated. Jeff thought only of
doing `things' to David mostly things he had done with
Rupert and others when he was at school.The next morning they began the rush to panic to get
breakfast over, David to school and Virginia on her way. All
was going well until Virginia realised that David had not
yet put in an appearance.
`Jeff' she called upstairs `Jeff can you see to David. I'm
still packing materials'.
Jeff stepped out of the shower and called down a `yes will
do'. Wrapping a towel around his waist preteen lolita nude art he made his way to
David's room, using another towel to dry himself off.
Opening the door he called out `David. Up. Breakfast!' There
was no movement from the bundle of clothes on the bed. Jeff
strode in and leaned over the rumpled lump `David' he spoke
a little louder close to the top of the lump `come on,
breakfast is waiting and its time for school'
In reply loli cp young torrent
there was a slow movement and a sleepy face
appeared out of the bundle of clothes. `Dad?' it said. Jeff
smiled at the sight and draping the damp towel around his
shoulders, reached down and pulled at the duvet.
`Come along son' he said in a much quieter voice `get a move
on. It's a busy morning' As he spoke he tugged harder at the
duvet and as a result David's naked body was exposed. His
eyes were immediately drawn to David's thickening cock,
which lay fatly along the top of David's thigh. 'Tickle
dad?' asked David, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
`No' said Jeff authoritatively `We must get going' he said
sternly anxious to avoid another irresponsible situation.
David lay back on the bed his hands behind his head and his
cock pointing up. `Please dad' he said querulously `want to
feel nice' he added stretching so that his cock jiggled
Unable to stop himself, Jeff gave in and sitting down on the
bed he reached out and began to squeeze his son's cock
gently saying `OK cyber lolita nude porn but only russian lolita pee drinking for a minute, then it's up and
move'. They stayed like that for three minutes and then Jeff
took his hand away, saying `Times up. Moove'
`Ohh Dad' complained David, `its not finished yet. You can't
stop now'
`David that's enough' said Jeff `I have enough to do today.
Now get up'
`Please Dad' David answered.
`'David' stated Jeff flatly.
`Can we finish it later Dad' whined David, `after school
when I come home please, please' he went on.
Exasperated Jeff said `Ok Ok later then now put it away and
get a move on' David waggled his cock at Jeff and then
recognising the look in Jeff's eye, began to move with
Later angel lola luv ass Jeff sat with a coffee in one hand staring at his
computer free gallery lolitas bbs screen. David was at school. Virginia was on her
train. Mrs H had done the washing up, the clearing up, the
tidying up, the sweeping up and had preten models preten lolitas left a casserole in the
oven, slow cooking for the evening meal and young lolita xxx free had gone on her
way. Now Jeff could concentrate on preteen jpg 10yo loli
his work. He reached out,
pressed the first key and was soon lost in his world. He did
not register the back door opening, the muted call of `Dad
I'm home' the thunder of hooves on the stairs as David
bounced upstairs or the slamming of David's bedroom door. It
was not until he heard David say in his ear `Dad I'm ready
now' that he realised that David was home. He turned around
ready to smile a welcome and was shocked to find a totally
naked David little naked virgin lolitas
standing in front of him and sporting a
throbbing erect cock that jutted out and up.
`What the' Jeff spluttered.
`Come on Dad' said David `you promised.'
`Promised?' Jeff uttered bemused.
`This morning -. You said we could finish it off when I got
home. Now come on. I did what I was told. Please Dad, I've
been waiting all day,' David was getting upset.
Jeff held out his mature slut lolita movies
arms and scooped David up and sat him on
his lap. `Good' said David bouncing up and down.
`David' Jeff spoke sternly. At the tone in his voice David
sat still and stared at his father. `David' Jeff repeated,
`This is not a good idea. We should not be doing this. It is
wrong. It must stop'.
`Why?' asked David, grinning slightly `Its fun and I like
doing it. How can it be wrong lolita fantasy young nude
if it's so nice, especially
when you kiss it at the end, that's very nice indeed. Come
on please tickle me, please,' as he said this he took Jeff's
hand and placed it on teen lolita 7y o
his cock and tried to get it moving up
and down.
`David,' Jeff found himself yet again wanting to give in,
wanting to feel David's cock bbs top lolita list in his mouth, ejaculating his
seed into his mouth. How long was it since he had done that?
He began to move his hand up and down David's cock.
Sensing he had won David relaxed against Jeff. `Thank you
Dada' he whispered.To be continued...
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