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Subject: my Mechanic Part IIDISCLAIMER
==========This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. The author asserts all legal and moral rights
(copyright (c) 2000 - to this preeteen lolitta porn
work and you may not
copy it or transmit it in any way except in its entirety and with this
disclaimer. This story features descriptions of sex between males:- if such material is prohibited in your jurisdiction, please DO NOT READ ON,
- if you're under the legal age to read such material, please DO NOT READ ON,
- if you don't like, or are offended by such material, please DO NOT READ ON.
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His dark, powerful hands caught at me and pulled me closer even as his
lips crashed into mine. As his latest assault left me reeling, his hot
tongue met mine in a series of skilful movements that had me instantly
hard. Our tongues duelled as we fought our way towards the settee.
Impatient with the clothes that were hiding the treasure within, I
started tearing at the buttons on his khaki shirt, flicking them aside as
they flew. Hot, quivering male flesh came alive under my fingers as I
drew the cloth aside.Intent on my pleasure, a deep, answering groan nonetheless escaped from
the man as my thumb flicked across his right nipple. The hard, burgeoning
thrust of his crotch confirmed the fact that he liked what we were doing
and I smiled to myself.
With a gasp, I woke up. I was still in my mid-town office in the
hospital. My oxford shirt was soaked with sweat, my heart was running at
double speed and there was a rising tent in the front russion lolits
of my chinos
demanding attention.God, even now I couldn't get the man out of my mind. I knew it would come
to this. The man was like an irresistible drug that seeped into your
system, working his sweet but implacable way into your thoughts. Damn
Rafe Morelli.It had been almost 2 months since we'd started this. The initial
blistering hot fuck in Morelli's garage had gone on to a week. And then
before we knew it, it had progressed to become a month. And in that time,
we still hadn't gotten enough of each other. Purely physical, that was
all it was. Just head-banging, mind-blowing, steaming-testosterone sex.
Like oversexed, humpy rabbits, we'd gone through every known variation in
the gay sex handbook and then gleefully repeated it to loli top young girls make sure we were
getting it right. There was no doubt that Morelli was pushing all my
buttons just right. Just one look at his tight Italian ass was all it
took to get me going. Hard, sleek globes of muscle with twin lolia sex pics furrows at
the sides that I could just fit my hands into. Perfect.All the time we were together, there was no talk of our feelings, of lolis virgin the
future, about where this relationship was going. Apart from the
blistering-hot sex, everything remained pretty much the same. Sure, there
were a few changes in my preteen image board loli life now such as my car purring pleasantly each
morning ever since he came by as Morelli kept it in fine-tune. There was
also my sink that was finally working fine after the man poked his head
and fiddled with it a bit and there was the matter of an extra toothbrush
on my sink.But by and large, everything else remained the same. We still did the
same things we did before. We still went out for ball asian loli japanese games, had dinners
over at his or my place, traded thoughts on the latest issues of the day.
After all, we weren't sex-crazed animals and we did take photo loliporno a breather now
and then. Okay, maybe pthc loli bbs
I took the breather, Morelli seemed to be lolicon lolicon angels xxx a damned
nonstop lean, mean sex machine. Anytime, anywhere, he was ready to take
me on. Was the man on the damned pill? Not that I was complaining.So to ensure that I nn loli video had my regular supply of hot, horny Italian salami, I
surpressed my protesting domestic side each time it reared its ugly free loliat pic head.
It wasn't his fault after loli young girls
all - loli nude porn child
he was a good man, no doubt about that.
From the beginning, Rafe Morelli had warned me that he might never share
my feelings free lolipop incest pics for him and I'd accepted that. A purely sexual relationship,
separate loli nudes model free from the platonic friendship that we'd shared before. It wasn't
all that difficult to deny russian kids loli any feelings for him while I was faced with
his perfect pecs and the dick of my dreams but it was a little more
difficult when I was sitting alone in my office, staring out in to the
dark, lonely city.Though my choices in life might not have been underage lolitta schoolgirls
the one chosen by my
parents, I still valued and cherished the idea of an endearing love, the
idea of commitment and the concept of a home. Tricking, wild, senseless
orgies and one-night-stands had never been video porno lolity
my style. The casual dating
style of the 90s might be the dream of free naked lolicon many a carefree, happy gay man but
it certainly wasn't what I'd dreamtof. I just couldn't go around tricking
with anyone I couldn't imagine free lolit 16 having joint checking accounts and a
shared house in the suburbs with IKEA furnishings. But recently, I
started finding my lofty ideals suffering a little. All my sweet domestic
dreams about Mr Right and a suburban two-storey home with white loli nymphets nudes picket
fences were dashed each time I got a look at that amazing,
orgasm-inducing Morelli body and I started thinking of settling with Mr
Oh-God-that's-so-Right!And who could resist the man? Anyone who cared to walk into the Morelli
Garage right now would be able to share my appreciation. No doubt he'd be
wielding a spanner or whatever he used on his cars right now. Shirtless
and covered in grime and hot man-sweat, he'd be fiddling under the car
hood. All 6'4" inches of hot Italian male. One would be transfixed by the
sight, mesmerized by the smooth, efficient movement of his hard,
golden-tanned muscles, their ministrations clearly visible beneath the
thick coating of black fur that covered his massive legs and arms. Sweat
mized with grime would puddle in the deep valley between the hard mounds
of his pecs to splash down the ripped washboard abs and ultimately trail
down into the furrow of black curls that led into the waistband of his
501s. One would marvel at loli fuck galleries
the prominent bulge at his jean's crotch and
fantasize preteen models loli about its potential.And when asian loli nu
he turned to flash that trademark smile, one would melt. Blessed
with model-good looks, sinfully dark bedroom eyes, high cheekbones, full,
sensuous lips, the man was a sight. God was definitely in a very good
mood on the day Morelli was born.Shaking my head to clear that vision, I sat up model loli sex young and realized loli teens anal that I'd
stained my khakis yet again. hard loli sites
Damn. The man was starting to play havoc
with my laundry bills.There was short rap on my door and I looked up, surprised. Just two hours
ago, Lina, the office secretary had left me the keys and I was the last
person in the office. My parents weren't in town and they certainly
wouldn't look for me here. My sister and brother weren't likely to drop
by without calling first. No one in the hospital had called my pager.My overactive imagination had me painting vicious nightmares of 12-inch
blade wielding slashers and preteen porn sex lolicon
I called loli pre kds dark out with some trepidation. "Yes?""Doc?" It was the voice that had whispered heated obscenities into my ear
just this morning. Just before the owner fucked me up the side of his
kitchen cabinet.For a moment, I frowned. I certainly hadn't planned on meeting him
tonight. The man had said that he was busy with some engagement. And
though he'd certainly been to my office previously, he usually called
before to make certain I'd be there. "The door's open, Morelli."The door opened and my breath caught at my throat again. Rafe Morelli was
dressed up for once. underage lolicon picture A dark, expensive-looking Italian suit and tie. I
didn't even know he owned one. And he looked gorgeous. That however
didn't stop my toplist loli hands from itching to tear the pretty package open.The man looked nervous about something and his usual confident smile
seemed patently false this time. My mind filled with dread. This was it.
The final coutndown. After all our sinful, blasphemous fornication,
Morelli had finally decided that he'd had enough and he was going to
swing back the way his Catholic God intended. preteen loli mpegs
Maybe some gorgeous babe
with humongous tits was already fiddling around with her lipstick in his
car. Taking my seat. Damn the slut.Despite my violent emotions, my voice was silky smooth when I answered
him. "Morelli."His lips quirked up a little and he moved forward to rest that cute ass
on the front of my desk. Lucky desk! "Hey, Doc. Working late tonight,
huh."Leaning back on my seat, I steepled my fingers and preteen art loli tried not to show the
nerves that I felt. "Yeah. How did you know that I'd still be here?""I called Mrs Steele.""Lina? Aren't you supposed to be at your thing..." Although I'd had my
brains muddled by his hot pheromones, I could still distinctly remember
him mentioning something about a special evening that he'd had to attend.
Of course this morning, I'd been too turned on to fully listen to his
lengthy explanation - and too pissed off at the thought that he'd
probably invited some leggy blonde to the 'thing'. lolitta young porn
Which was why I'd left
that hickey at the left side of his throat. Marking my possession.As I was pondering over this sudden need to brand Morelli with my mark of
ownership, the man in question waved his hand in front of my eyes. "Hey,
lost you for a moment again.""Just thinking. Aren't you supposed to be at your whatever thing?""I am." Peering up at me through those sinfully thick lashes, he looked
almost shy for once. "You weren't listening this morning. You are my
special engagement.""M-Me?" Was that my voice croaking?That confident smile came back young loli naked full force and he turned that charm on me.
"Yeah. You.""What's the occasion?" I asked, gesturing to his suit. Did I miss
something? Some weird joke of his?"Come and you'll find out."The offer was definitely up my street. Swamped with work, I hadn't even
taken dinner yet and we'd certainly gone on dinners together before. But
the man sure never put on a coat before. Casual as he was, he usually
preferred his regular T-shirt and jeans. Me, I preferred him wearing
nothing but then again, that's my preference and I'm russian xxx loli a dedicated pre nn loli portal
lolitta incest
perv. "I
think I gotta change first though."Gesturing to my suit and japanes loli tie, Rafe shrugged. "I don't know but I think
you look fine."His sincere praise didn't amuse me especially since he was the cause of
my embarassing predicament. Keeping silent, I stood up in my stained
pants.His smile widened. "Thinking of me, Doc?"I grinned back. "You keep on wishing, Morelli.""I am.""We could skip that dinner, order in and..." I waggled my eyebrows.His dark eyes flashed. "In here?""Yeah.""I y o loli nude do best loli sex have reservations at 8."A glance up at the clock confirmed the time and I gave a careless shrug.
"We still have half an hour to make it.""Half hour?" he gave me a teasing look, his dark eyes dancing.Leaning forward on the table, I dared him. "Think you could handle it?"His smile turned wolfish.
It was amazing how he could go back to that immaculate state. Every
crease and button was back in place, his jet black hair dark bbs collection loli
ruthlessly swept
back to the smooth, suave style he'd adopted earlier. A dark tendril
stubbornly refused to stay lolicon preteen pics
in lolicon asian
place and curled down his forehead. Looking
at him right now, one wouldn't even suspect that Rafe Morelli had just
knocked me up in my office barely twenty minutes ago.Adjusting my tie with the help of the side mirror, I tried to make myself
look presentable. And not like a man who'd thoroughly enjoyed a quickie
before dinner. "God, I look a mess!"Coming over to my side of the car, he pressed the car lock on his keys
and moved over to where I was standing. Seeing me preening in front of
his car, he smiled. "You look wonderful, Jake."Pleased with his compliment, I stared at my reflection and had to agree.
While I certainly wouldn't stop traffic like Morelli had done a week ago
when he'd strolled that cute ass down the street, I had my own charm and
I was attractive in my own way. Dark hair, green eyes, nice bod, I was a
pretty good deal. But as I was still a contrary man, I had to make a
token complaint. "I look like I've been well fucked up, thank you very
much. And you brought me to brazilian lolis - to.."Aiming my gaze at the sign, I goggled at the restaurant he'd brought me
to. The place he'd brought me was an extremely well-known animated loli porn restaurant that
I'd been wanting to visit for months but hadn't for some obscure reason
or other. Not only was it well-known for its incredible menu, impeccable
service and reasonable prices, it was also known animated loli hardcore
for being an immensely
popular gay watering hole. "Are you sure you want to eat here? The fag
area?"Looking as nonchalant as any straight man in the gay district could look,
he turned to face the restaurant and thrust his big hands into his
pockets. "Yeah, I heard that it's great."Heard? I didn't even know that Rafe Morelli knew the existence of the gay
district. Not lolicon ru
to mention one of the best joints in the district. Had he
been secretly reading my Gay Times? "People would guess."His broad shoulders rose and fell in a lazy shrug. "So?"His lack of expression surprised me. "Hey, your bbs board loli reputation as a straight
stud might be jeopardized. What if you swing back that way?" I tried to
smile but I could nude pics lolitta almost hear the naked teens loli xxx slight bitterness in my tone even as I
tried to hide it.He turned lolitta nu to me, his look enigmatic. "I like lolicon videas free the way it's swinging right
now, thank you very much.""Yeah, until the preteen lolitta ass fucked next leggy redhead with big gams comes along.""I think I've had enough of Sharon and the like.""That's what they all say." I gave him a quick nudge to show lolity girls
that I was
kidding and he smiled back.Don't tell anyone but nude preteen modles lolits dinner was just terrible. It wasn't the fault of
the shy illegal tiny loli establishment. The food loli xxx pic was as wonderful as I'd heard. The service
was incredible. The handsome young waiters looked heavenly loli kdz pics
in their tight
suits and were just dojinshi loli
as helpful as could be. Yes, sir. No, sir. Would you
like a bite of me, sir? They were great.They weren't the problem. It was the patrons, both men and women.
Throughout our sumptuous dinner, the other patrons seemed to be having
trouble keeping their hungry eyes on the main course on their nude loli young plates.
Rather they were eyeing the steamy Italian dish seated at my table and
imagining him slathered liberally in chocolate sauce. loli pedo slut The damn bastards.Digging in with relish into his meal, Rafe seemed almost oblivious xxx little lolite sex to the
attention he was getting. As sex young loli in everything he did, he ate with lots of
enthusiasm and I'd lolittas models have smiled if I wasn't glaring at the other diners.
"This is great. I can't believe I never came here before!""Doc." Lifting another bite with his fork, he lolite teen paused, noticing my stony
expression and looked at me questioningly. "You're asian loli not eating. Something
wrong?""Are you blind?" Since I'd known him, I'd always been plainspoken and
more than ready to speak my mind. Eventhough I was supposed to put on a
good impression so that he'd stay and fuck me, I didn't see why I should
stop this habit of mine. "Eating is a chore when hard pedo lolitta the other diners are
thinking of spreading sex kdz loli you on a cracker and having a feast."He choked on his ravioli. "What?""You know what I mean, Morelli."My disgruntled expression had him grinning. "I do know. Don't worry about
it. I'm used to it.""You are?" God, this is the first time I've heard of it. Though I
couldn't say I was surprised. With his dark good looks, Morelli must have
been hit on every day of his life. My face burned at the thought kds loli bbs
that I'd
done pretty much the same."I'm not that stupid, Doc." Putting his utensils down, he reached over
and squeezed my hand. "Look, I don't see it myself but I know most people
think I'm a good-looking fella. It's just my face, I certainly didn't
earn it. But people seem to like it."Looking over at him across the table, I frowned. "You don't feel
uncomfortable that people are thinking of having you over as the
dessert?""Why?" His dark eyes twinkled as he tilted his head to wink at me. "You
sure that's not what you're thinking too?"The red flush crept up my neck. "Yeah, I am.""Don't worry. You're the only one feasting on the Morelli plate tonight,
Jake." The twinkle in his eye turned into something more and I reacted in
response to it.His answers made loli free nude pics sense and I had to agree. "It's pedo boy loli just..""Jealous, Doc?" he grinned teasingly at me.This was getting into dangerous territory. Being jealous would mean
having some sort of feelings. Some sort of commitment. Would revealing my
secrets send the man screaming madly paradise public loli bbs
into the night? Would that mean not
finishing the new stash of condoms I had in my room?My silence made him worried and his smile faded. "Look, Doc, I-"Getting all touchy-feely over dinner wasn't my idea of fun and I
reassured him. "Don't worry about it, Morelli. I am not saying anything
or putting pressure.. I just..""No." For once, he didn't smile back good-naturedly at me. Instead, his
lips turned down in a scowl. "Look, I want you to put pressure on me. I
want you to be so green with jealousy you'd want to knock out all the
guys here."If he'd told me that he'd taken a fucking vow of celibacy and joined the
priesthood, I'd have been less shocked. As it was, I reeled from the
shock and gaped at him, nearly speechless. "W-What?"Seeing that he'd surprised young loli top me, Rafe made an attempt to explain. "Look, I
saw you with that blond lolipop in pussy guy two nights ago."Blond guy? Stunned, I racked my mind as I tried to recall who the hell he
was talking about. "Where?""That cafe at the hospital," he loli kid nude said softly, keeping his gaze down as he
slowly drummed his fingers on the table. "I'd gone over there to ask you
out for dinner."It came to me in a flash. Dr Brian Mooney. Blond, adorable and with
shoulders the size of a linebacker. A hunk but nothing compared to Rafe.
"It was nothing. Just a colleague at work."Pulling his gaze up to meet mine, his dark eyes flashed. "You were
touching him. I didn't like it."The anger in his eyes stunned me yet again. Wow, I'd heard of stories of
Morelli's temper but till now, I'd free lolitta sex never seen it in real-life action
before. lolitia pics Truth to tell, it excited me like hell. lolicon sample movie
"Nothing was happening.""I still didn't like it. I wanted to smash his face." The way he put it
left me in no doubt that he'd have done it. The clenched ham-sized fists
proved the point."As I said, lolitta girl stories
i-it was nothing." Ordinarily, any display of machismo and
senseless violence totally put me off but coming from him, it just got me
extra hot! Good lolitta boys
grief, I was acting like some love-sick, brainless ninny.
Even the quick flex of his big bicep had me s-s-s-stuttering. Muttering
absent-mindedly to myself, I picked up the napkin to wipe at the sweat
suddenly beading my forehead. "What do you want, Morelli?""A month ago, I asked you for time and I'm glad you've been so patient
with me." His hand crept across the table and caught mine in his strong
grasp. "Look, my parents have been together for 40 years. They celebrated
their fortieth anniversary two weeks ago. I've always wanted that for
myself."I knew it. Though I'd hoped for the better, I should have known. Tired paradise xxx loli
living the alternative lifestyle, he was swinging back to the straight
and narrow. No more straying off the yellow brick road for tgp loli jpg Mr Hetero Stud
Morelli. Smiling as pleasantly as I could despite the urge to put my illegal teen lolit sex fist
through the table, I pulled my hand back. "Hey, don't worry about it. I
understand."He looked perplexed, his thick dark brows coming together. "What?""You're gonna tell me I'm straight. You've got enough of lolitta model the alternative
life and you want to get top lolicon back to the straight and narrow." It was the
best I could come up with since I'd pretty much run out of clever things
to say. All I could think of was my settee at home and a place to set my
broken heart."You're wrong, Doc."Searching for various excuses to leave with my dignity intact, I stopped
and stared at him. "I am?"My hands were still on the table and he pulled them back into his
powerful hands. This time though I tried to pull back again, he held on
tight. "Yeah, so wrong you're so way out there. You see I want to have
what my parents had.. with you."Again, the man surprised me. Seemed like I was in for a day for
surprises. Rafe Morelli might as well have taken a ten dark loli forum foot concrete beam
and knocked me out for a loop. In the short time it took for me to
recover, my domestic side was already picking up the pieces russian loli models preteen of my broken
heart and setting it back together.Worried that I'd make a run for it, Rafe hurried on before I could stop
him. His handsome face - and that marvellous jaw - was porno lolite gratis stubbornly set and
it was clear that he would finish what he set out to do. "Look, I now I
don't have that much to loli girl nud tgp offer.. I'm not that smart and I don't have a
string of degrees like you. But I have a steady job, I'm healthy, I've
got good hands and I make good money.. I don't drink or smoke. lolipop i am fool
And...""Don't say anymore, Morelli.." I said softly. If he said anymore, I just
might start bawling my heart out. Or throw him on the table for a
satisfying fuck. Either way, it was probably not in my best interests.One of his big hands pressed gently on my lips, hushing me. "No, let me
finish. And .. and I think I am beginning to love you." The last bit was
said haltingly but with such sincerity that my heart stuttered. Evidently
finished, he leaned back on his chair and looked at me. Big, melted
chocolate eyes pleaded longingly."I see." loli ass pree Choked by his simple lolis pedo words, I had to clear my loli hentay jpg throat before I
could continue. Was that a tickle in my throat? Sexy Italian idiot. "Was
that some kinda half-assed proposal, Morelli?""Umm.. yeah?" For a man preteen loli sex fuck
who looked hot enough to melt, he looked lolitta kids nervous
as hell and I loved him all the more for it.Leaning over, I planted a quick kiss on his lips. "You only needed that
last part for me to say yes."He 18 young loli
smiled. "Yeah?""Why didn't you say something earlier?" I teen lolit young remarked curiously.My question got a careless shrug from him. "How could I? I thought you
were enjoying yourself too much. That you liked having a dumb, gorgeous
boytoy with no strings attached at your side. A trophy husband of sorts."
Taking a sip of wine to quench himself after that earlier speech of his,
he licked his lips. "With all the sex, I was starting to get worried that
your domestic side had been put to sleep forever. You certainly never
mentioned anything.""Rafe."The barely suppressed anger in my voice surprised him and he looked at
me, his dark eyes widened. "Jake?""This is the first and last time I'm gonna say this," I gritted out
slowly. "You're not dumb at all and if you say that about the man I love
again, I'll belt you.""You love me?" he asked hopefully, his dark eyes lighting up."What do you think, Morelli?""Well.." The devil-smile returned to his eyes. "I think someone's getting
lucky tonight.""Oh, I think luck's definitely going my way this time."
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